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Yesterday was my birthday! Got a good amount of loot, mostly books. Three DWJ books, natural history books, a DVD of "Up on Poppy Hill," and two CDs. And we ordered Mellow Mushroom Pizza. :3 I've started reading one of the books (The Book of Barely Imagined Beings: A 21st Century Bestiary ), and it's really good. I highly recommend it.

Ol' Himaruya updated his blog, and I'm suddenly reminded of why I used to give a shit about Hetalia. Pleasantly surprised how articulate and intelligent all the commenters are being, even when it's just to say "this hurt me in the emotions"; reminds me of the days when the fandom was small, before the anime was a thing. I always liked the inherent magical-realism weirdness of the nations, and any strip or Word Of God that touches upon that pleases me. I mean, he's done it before (the old deleted strip "Who are you", which later became "Though I may depart, you shall remain"), but. More is always better.
However, considering...everything, I still wouldn't dive back into the fandom if you paid me.

Some people in the Professor Layton fandom found weird music hidden inside ROMs of the games, so I made a ~secret blog~ archiving the story of their efforts, in order to prevent it becoming lost to the sands of time and ephemeral nature of Tumblr. The weirder thing is that the music found has pretty much nothing in common with tracks actually used in-game. (I mean, carnival music in Last Specter? What the hell even???) Unfortunately, they dropped their investigation literally the very next day. I curse the Layton fandom's short attention span. How is it that Ace Attorney fandom was able to fan-translate unreleased games and even create a whole program for the sole purpose of making AA fangames, and the Layton fandom can't even be arsed to translate any of the official books and manga? Growl grumble grumblr.

...wonder what you'd get if you ran some other videogame's ROMS through Audacity. One person also ran Pokemon Emerald through it, and they got some random in-game sound effects amidst the white noise that was the game's non-sound data. Funky-sounding, but not exactly weird the way the Layton stuff was.


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