Mar. 23rd, 2014

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I'm like, 60% sure at this point that the colors of the four kids (and the post-scratch alpha kids) in Homestuck are themed around either the YUV or Lab color space. (As opposed to RGB or HSL, as the trolls appear to have been themed.) It would explain a lot in terms of hussie's color choices - why the hue differences between the counterparts in the Lalonde and Harley-English families are much smaller than the hue differences between the Strider brothers or the Crockerbert kids, and there seems to be no clear pattern in terms of HSL/RGB values whatsoever. Why cyan and cyan-blue was more closely associated with John early on than pure RGB blue was, why purple/pink was used as one of the quartet colors instead of something more intuitive like yellow. Play around with this thing.

I mean, I remember hearing that hussie once helped design a color plugin for Photoshop because of his STRONG background in color theory, so it wouldn't surprise me if he'd heard of these color spaces.
The one question left, I suppose, is why Jake and Jade are swapped.
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The one thing I'm still hanging on to as far as "specific things I want before the end of Homestuck" is for the connection between Jake/Hope and Cherubs to result in some sort of cool, fun-to-draw alternate form. I'm still kind of annoyed that we didn't get a a godtier Alpha kid with noticeable nonhumany bits to parallel Dogtier Jade, so what I'm really wanting is some kinda permanent demi-angel form. I see a potential for Hope to thematically tie not just to angels, but to the gnostic imagery of the hatching bird flying to god (like a piece of garbage), and possibly for some kind of invoking of  the serpent/eagle rivalry you see throughout mythology (with Caliborn the wingless cherub being the "serpent," and Jake potentially being the "eagle"). If I can't have that, I'll settle for mind-controlled Jake with temporary monstery cherub bits. I know this is a completely petty, stupid, iddy thing to want and that I am probably setting myself up for disappointment, but god damnit I have *needs*. And one of those needs is for symmetry, and the other is for a human kid with wings. (Davesprite is a sprite and doesn't count.)
And...yea, I guess I'll end this post now.


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