Jul. 25th, 2016

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"The only PSI used in the overworld is Telepathy, Teleport, Lifeup, Healing, and 4th D Slip. " -- source.

Note: In the canon series, Telepathy and 4th-D Slip are exclusive to Mom1. 4th-D Slip is not an overworld PSI in that game, which suggests they've significantly retooled its function for this fangame.

We currently don't know which of these overworld PSI can be learned by which characters, for the most part.


Travis is the only character whose non-offense PSI is known so far. Mostly pretty standard Momther Healer Boi™ stuff.

  1. Daydream is analogous to Ness' Rockin and Lucas' Love.
  2. Healing and Lifeup: Every momther boy gets these. Always.
  3. Paralysis: In canon, Ness is the only boy who learns this. In Mom1 and Mom3, the girls learn it instead.
  4. Hypnosis: Learned by healer-boys in Mom1 and Mom2, learned by black mage girls in Mom1 and Mom3. (Ninten learns it before Ana.)
  5. Shield: Every healer boy learns this, or something analagous to it. In Mom2 and Mom3, ONLY dudes (Ness, Poo, Lucas) learn it.
  6. ????: What's the deal with the blank space with the α next to it? SUSPICIOUS.
  7. Telepathy: Is a universal PSI ability in Mom1. We don't know if the same is true in the fangame. It apparently also doubles as the fangame's equivalent to Check/Spy/Sniff.

Currently, for Meryl, only her Offense-category PSI are known; her Support-category abilities are a mystery.
She has the classic Fire/Freeze/Thunder trio learned by all girls in the Mother series.

The relationship between Meryl and Leo's offensive PSI resembles the relationship between Paula and Poo's offensive PSI in Earthbound:

  1. Girl and #4 share two elemental PSI. (Freeze and Thunder in Earthbound, Fire and Thunder in M4 fangame)
  2. Of the 2 shared PSI, girl advances further in one (Paula:Freeze, Meryl: Fire), #4 in the other (Thunder for both Poo and Leo).
  3. Girl rounds it out with an elemental PSI that #4 never learns. (Fire in Earthbound, Freeze in M4 fangame)
  4. Party member #4 rounds it out with a nonelemental PSI that girl never learns. (Starstorm in Earthbound, Beam in M4)

Unlike the canon Mother games, wherein non-leads (M1's Ana, M2's Poo, and M3's Kumatora) can learn some Recovery PSI like Lifeup and Healing, it seems in Mother 4 that Recovery PSI may be soley Travis' domain, as Meryl and Leo's battle menus don't even list a Recovery section.

Also: Telepathy, 4th-D Slip, and now PK Beam - Ana's unique Offense PSI. Three PSI exclusive to Mom1. Hmm.


  • Who learns Teleport
  • Who learns 4th-D Slip
  • If PK Flash exists in the fangame (probably, and Travis probably learns it, but it's not confirmed)
  • If anyone other than Travis learns Healing and Lifeup
  • What the 4th Support slot in Travis' menu with the α symbol next to it indicates
  • If anyone other than Travis learns Telepathy
  • What kind of Support PSI Meryl and Leo learn, since Wikibound list 17 goddamn Support PSI in the series
  • If the game will split absorbing and reflecting shields into separate PSI ala Mom3, or handle shield PSI the Mom2 way.


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