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Although the Clefairy evolutionary family is not yet confirmed for fairy type, it's almost inevitable that it will become a Fairy type in Pokemon XY, because:
1. Clefairy has many traits in common with the confirmed Fairy-type Pokemon: looks like a head with arms and legs (Marill, Jigglypuff), pink coloration (Sylveon, Jigglypuff), female-gendered appearance (Gardevoir, Jigglypuff).
2. It especially has a strong resemblance to Jigglypuff - they both evolve with moonstones, they're both 75% female, they and their evolutions are both members of the Original 151, they both have cat ears and curly forelocks, they are found in roughly the same area of Kanto (Jigglypuff is caught on Route 3, right outside of Mt. Moon, while Clefairy is found within Mt. Moon),  and have similar movesets. It's pretty clear that Jigglypuff was always meant to be the slightly more mundane counterpart to the rarer and more mysterious Clefairy.
3. Clefairy was the first Pokemon species to be explicitly associated with fairies - its English name contains the word "fairy," and its species name in the Pokedex is "Fairy Pokemon."
4. It is strongly associated with the moon -it evolves via Moon Stone, and is stated in-game to have originally come from the moon, to prefer appearing on full moons, and to power its wings with moonlight. The revealed Fairy-type move "Moon Blast" suggests an association between the moon and Fairy pokemon.
5. Normal-types are predominantly very mundane, common, un-magical animals, brown in color and down-to-earth in appearance. Clefairy is none of these things.

Since Clefairy is constantly emphasized in the games as being magical, it's likely that it will become a pure Fairy-type in Pokemon XY.


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