Aug. 7th, 2014

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Right now I'm trying to collect and sythesize certain motifs I see a lot in folklore, mythology, and even in contemporary fiction, for my own personal reference to be used in...stuff. I honestly don't know what kind of stuff yet. Here's the first part.

THE PRIMORDIAL WATERS: the privatives of the universe before and outside of our tiny mortal realm [the dark, the cold, the chaos, the void as a powerful force in its own right, more than merely the absence of light, warmth, order, form], vaguely grasped through analogy to the passive, absorbent, amorphous qualities of deep bodies of water. In some cultures, this is realized through the idea of the sky as a roof just baaarely holding back a barrage of infinite water, world-as-shark-tunnel in which everything above the ceiling of heaven is Shark World minus the sharks. I have to wonder if this shit is part of why pop culture overemphasizes Lovecraft Mythos' fishy elements; fungus-men and toxic colors might be objectively more alien than ManDragonSquid and his inbred fishfuck grandkids, but the latter as emmisaries of the cold reality that earthlings don't fucking matter fit more snugly into our inherited cultural background radiation of "if the sky falls, we will all fucking drown in an infinite, black ocean." (And "ocean-dwelling monsters are the biggest and most awful of all monsters," which is a myth-meme in its own right seperate from Primordial Waters, but probably plays on some similar basic Feels.)
[It also doesn't help that the bottom layers of the ocean, with its blind toothy monsters, fleshy tube-worms, and sheer pressure-force that can outright pulverize a human being, fit all of our worst fears about the ocean in general. Even though we didn't even know anything actually lived down there until relatively recently in human history. Sometimes, juuust sometimes, reality fits our preconceptions disturbingly well.]
While I've never watched Sailor Moon, the distinction between Mercury and Neptune's magical domains reminds me of what I see as the difference between water-in-general and primordial!water in mythology and symbolism. Water in general has many forms, including mist and ice and rain and shallow streams, but primordial water is inherently deep and dark, and holds a strange power that comes from more from the Ocean's platonic essence than from its physical makeup.
Homestuck's "Furthest Ring" (with a name that brings to mind the Grecian capital-O Ocean, and is also populated by tentacled Cthulhu expies) and Void aspect are kind of like Hussie's personal take on the primordial water concept. Pretty sure it's intentional, considering the number of obscure mythology and religion references he drops in the comic.


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